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Welcome to the delicious world of Gelati Celesti
Gelati Celesti translated means "Heavenly Italian Ice Cream"

Gelati Celesti has been in operation since 1983, supplying the finest quality gourmet gelato and sorbet to mid and upscale food service operations. Starting out as a small, family based company, we’ve grown into a well established, nationwide manufacturer and distributor. Gelati Celesti's customers include family and gourmet restaurants, large hotel chains and several airlines.

Gelati Celesti’s frozen desserts are as unique as they are delicious. The individual servings are made with the busy chef in mind. Many of our desserts are pre-portioned or pre-sliced for easy serving. Creativity is limitless with these high quality gelato and sorbet treats.

Gelati Celesti distributes to the greater Southern California area,
in addition to shipping to distributors nationwide.

Wondering... exactly what is...

GELATO (juh-lah-toh) Italian ice cream. Gelati Celesti gelato contains 15% air by volume. Our natural base is a 14% butterfat mix. Our gelato is smoother, richer and creamier with a dense texture and flavor.

SORBETTO (sor-bet-toh) also known as sorbet. A blend of 75% fruit (pure mango - raspberry - strawberry etc.) With just a touch of water and sugar to achieve a smooth consistency. Gelati Celesti does not use artificial ingredients or colorings. Our sorbets are dairy free, fat free, and cholesterol free, with the exception of coconut and chocolate, which contain a trace amount.

Our goal is to supply the finest products to conclude your dining experience with a dessert that you will never forget. Please feel free to call our office staff to request a sample or to ask any questions. We look forward to serving you... the customer... our promise to you is first class desserts with first class service.
Gelati Celesti treats you as though you're our only customer!

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